Kholle House Hotel Zanzibar – About Us

Kholle House

Now after three years of restoration you can experience the history and care that went into every detail of Kholle House. Each of the 10 rooms is uniquely designed with combinations of Swahili and French-Creole influence.

Established in 1860, Kholle House was a magnificent showcase for Princess Kholle's most treasured collectables displaying her fine china, furnishings, and artifacts from around the world and as a place to entertain friends and visiting dignitaries.

Kholle House is rich with history and color – with turmeric walls, stained window details, polished nutmeg colored floors with in-laid marble accents floor tiles from the original Kholle House all reflecting the shades of vibrant Zanzibarian spices.

Communal areas include a salon, lobby with marble fountain, breakfast room, garden conservatory, pool, terrace, exotic arch-ways and a roof-top tea house (gazebo) with panoramic views over the city, the port, and the islands off of StoneTown.


Princess Kholle was renowned for her refined style and taste and this no doubt was exhibited in the original Kholle House architecture.

We pay homage to Princess Kholle and contribute to Stone Town's restoration efforts by re-establishing Kholle House to its full glory. For three years we have carefully renovated the house with full respect to the construction methods of Princess Kholle's time period by using traditional building materials such as coral, marble, mangrove and lime. Restoration was done in close cooperation with the Stone Town Development and Conservation Authority (STCDA) strictly adhering to UNESCO requirements regarding this heritage site's preservation.

We spread this spirit of preservation of the architectural heritage of Stone Town by promoting artists and craftsmen who contributed to the rebirth of this house. We are in the process of launching a community project to clean streets of the town of Malindi and to rehabilitate the old cemetery of the Great Mosque nearby.